This campaign is as the name says oriental based. It also relies strongly on clans and factions. Once you have your character down, you’ll need to align yourself with a faction. The factions are as follows;

Crab: Members of the Crab clan tend to be crude and violent,
though they are strongly dedicated to their clan’s sworn duty:
protecting the empire from the Shadowlands. They believe in
duty over honor and are always ready for a fight.

Crane: The Crane clan is made up of diplomats and courtiers.
Graceful, elegant, and noble, they are masters of iaijutsu (the
speed draw) and duels of honor.

Dragon: Mysterious and reclusive, the scholars and warriors of the
Dragon clan are devoted to exploring the secrets of the
universe . All tend to speak in enigmatic riddles, though
members of the mysterious order of tattooed monks are especially known for this.

Lion: Lions are the noble warriors of Rokugan. They are warlike
and aggressive but devoted to the honor of the samurai.

Phoenix: The greatest shugenjas of Rokugan belong to the Phoenix
clan . They have a deep love of magic and knowledge.

Scorpion: The members of the Scorpion clan are the manipulators of
Rokugan, masters of secrets and lies . Never seen without their
masks, they resemble their namesakes-unassuming but
armed with a deadly sting.

Unicorn: Unicorns are the outsiders of Rokugan. Most of them are
barbaric riders with aggressive dispositions . Mounted combat
is their specialty, and their riding skills are second to none.

There are also a few sub-clans that have very little political hold but are important in their own right.

Mantis: The Mantis clan are seafaring traders and mercenaries whom are most commonly used as hired protection. They have two sub-categories with-in their clan; The Moshi (Centipede) are shujenja that specialize in fire and air magic, and the Tsuruchi (Wasp) are the finest archers in the land.

Fox: The Fox clan are peaceful scholars residing in the Kitsune Woods, though don’t let appearances deceive you, for they are very powerful earth shujenjas.

Dragonfly: The Dragonfly clan was descended from a marriage between the Dragon and Phoenix clan. It was destroyed in the last great war and it’s last remaining members are landless wanderers. They specialize in water magic but also dabble in air magic.

Sparrow: The Sparrow (Suzume family) are dedicated to honorable poverty. This clan branched from the Crane clan, and are scholarly warriors, expert artist and craftsman, and remarkable story tellers.

Badger: The Badgers are descended from the Crab clan, and guard the northern wall from invasion of the Shadow Lands.

Boar: The Boar clan was destroyed in the last great war, but before that, were among the greatest smiths in the entire land.

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